(Deer, Turkey, Wildlife, Pristine, End-Of-The-Road Hill Country Ranch)
881 ACRES (Intact or in four tracts)

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TEXAS HIGHWAY MAP (small scale)

TEXAS HIGHWAY MAP (large scale)


LOCATION: Located 18 miles southeast of Junction which is the county seat; or 32 miles northwest of Kerrville; or 34 miles west northwest of Fredericksburg; or 88 miles northwest of San Antonio; or 105 miles west of Austin; or 230 miles southwest of Dallas; or 245 miles west northwest of Houston. All distances are measured straight-line "as the crow flies".

BACKGROUND: Owned by the same family since the 1930s. The present Owner is a third generation family member who operates the ranch with a mother cow and goat operation. The hunting has been leased out on a season lease to a long time group of hunters who have been exceptionally cooperative in managing the deer herd.

METHOD OF SALE: The Owner (Seller) has given Thornton Ranch Sales written exclusive authorization to market this ranch. The Seller will convey the property by a General Warranty Deed, provide a standard Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance, and provide a current survey of the property. The 881 acres is available intact or in up to four tracts as described below and shown on the attached U.S.G.S. Topographic Map. Until such time as the first tract is sold the tract size and boundary lines may be modified as mutually agreed upon by Seller and Buyer. A reduced price is offered if the ranch is sold intact. The terms and conditions of the sale shall be all cash to Seller at closing or on any other terms and conditions that are acceptable to the Seller.

DESCRIPTION: Scenic, ruggedly beautiful, pristine, peaceful, cozy, and very private are some of the adjectives that come to mind when I think about this pretty end of the road operating ranch. This ranch has numerous desirable characteristics commonly sought by many prospective buyers. Specifically, the location is remote yet very accessible via a new 60 foot wide all weather road that connects the land with highway FM 479. The property is less than one mile off a quiet lightly traveled paved farm to market road. Privacy is assured as there are no road easements through the ranch to serve other land owners and there are no public roads on or near any of the ranch boundary lines. This ranch is surrounded by equal size or larger low fenced ranches and is generally unimproved except for an excellent water well equipped with an electric submersible pump. The underground water is potable and abundant and is found at a reasonably shallow depth of 220-300 feet. If sold intact the property will be fenced into two pastures. If sold in tracts some of the boundary lines will be unfenced. Electricity is available on or along the boundary line of all tracts. Terrain elevations vary from 2,100 to 2,272 feet above sea level. Views from the high points are awesome and the beauty, peace and privacy afforded in the tree covered valleys is unmatched. There is a reasonably good internal ranch road system. There is no cultivated farm land. The tree and brush cover is outstanding with a mixture of live oak, shin oak, Spanish oak, white oak, persimmon, agarita, cedar, a few mesquite and some miscellaneous brush. Native grasses abound and the wildlife habitat and population is outstanding. The ranch is in the shape of a large L and it is an excellent candidate for high fencing. Ranches of this quality in this area that are reasonably priced are difficult if not impossible to find. You will like this one.

WILDLIFE, HUNTING, RECREATION: The wildlife population includes white-tail deer, turkey, dove, fox, coons, rabbits and miscellaneous varmints. Whether you are a bow hunter, deer hunter, bird hunter, photographer, birdwatcher, hiker, outdoorsman, or a student of nature, the wildlife on this beautiful ranch will keep you challenged and entertained. The ranch offers the opportunity for horse riding with many areas to be explored. Also, varied activities such as hiking, exploring, camping, nature walks, or sitting on a hillside with your binoculars and searching the countryside for wildlife are all available for the taking. Or, if your desire is to simply get away from it all and enjoy Mother Nature at her best, this very private ranch would be the perfect place to achieve that objective.

MINERALS: It is believed the Seller owns all the minerals and all the minerals and executive rights owned will be conveyed to the buyer. The minerals are not now leased.

IMPROVEMENTS: One water well equipped with an electric submersible pump (with the old windmill still in place at the well), fences and cross fences, internal road system. Pens. Electricity to all tracts.

TAXES: Based on current agricultural use the total ad valorum taxes for calendar year 2005 were $616.00 or only about 70 cents per acre. The property will be conveyed to the buyer with said agricultural use and related tax rate in effect. Or, if you do not want be bothered with stocking the property with livestock in order to maintain the current “ag use” designation, you can easily convert it to “Wildlife Management Use” and retain the current very favorable ag use tax rate now in effect. Broker will provide complete information with regard to conversion to Wildlife Management use if you so desire.

POSSESSION: Possession of the Property, subject to no leases of any kind shall be delivered to the buyer on the date of closing and funding. Owner shall have 30 days after closing to remove his personal property and livestock from the Property.

PRICE (if the entire 881* acres are sold intact): $1,497,700 ** ($1,700 per acre).

PRICE if sold in four tracts as shown on the attached Topo Map:

1*** 230 $1,900.00 $437,000 Unfenced on west boundary line.
2*** 169 $1,900.00 $321,100 Unfenced on W. and South boundary line.
3*** 168 $1,900.00 $319,200 Unfenced on North and W. boundary line.
4*** 296 $1,900.00 $562,400 Water well. Unfenced on east boundary line.

* Approximate Acres

** Price to be adjusted based on the actual number of surveyed acres that will be conveyed by a General Warranty Deed and covered by an Owner's Policy of Title Insurance multiplied by the price per acre agreed upon by OWNER and Buyer. The price shall not include any livestock or personal property.

NOTE 1: The tracts may be sold at random on a first come first served basis.

NOTE 2: By 120 days after closing Seller will build a new fence along the unfenced west boundary line of the access roadway between Points A and A-1 as shown on the attached Topo Map.

NOTE 3: By 120 days after closing Seller will install an automatic solar powered entry gate at the highway. Said entry gate to be secured at all times.

NOTE 4: If sold in tracts there shall be no gates or obstructions, with exception of the automatic entry gate described above, permitted on the access entry road between Point A and Point C shown on the attached Topo Map. Additionally, there shall be no fences built closer than 30 feet from the centerline of the road connecting the property tracts with highway FM 479.

TERMS: All cash at closing or any other terms acceptable to Seller. Seller will consider an installment sale with financing by Seller on a non-recourse note basis with the land being the sole collateral for the note.

BROKER COMMENTS: This ranch is located in a very popular area. Neighboring ranches are of similar or larger size and demonstrate a high level of ownership pride. Several of the new owners in the area have high fenced their property, built really nice homes and or weekend hide-a-way houses and generally upgraded the area. If someone offered to give me one of the tracts offered herein free of charge, I honestly do not know which one I would pick because each of them has many desirable characteristics. The land in this part of the Hill Country is projected to increase in value at an annual rate of 12-15%. Compare that return with any safe no risk investment offered by your stock broker. This ranch is a buying opportunity at the current offering price!!!!

SHOWING COORDINATION: This ranch is available for inspection seven days a week by prior appointment only. CALL: Frank J. Carter (956) 740-4849 at any time for showing coordination, service and support. Or you may contact me via E-Mail at:

NOTE: This offering is made subject to prior sale, change of price, or withdrawal from the market at any time. The information contained herein is from sources deemed reliable but is not warranted or guaranteed by THORNTON RANCH SALES.

For more information on this property see our Invitation to Buyers.