(Deer, Turkey, Quail, Dove, Minerals, Views and Wide Open Spaces)

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LOCATION: Located 11 miles north of Brackettville, which is the county seat; or 29 miles east of Del Rio; or 41 miles west northwest of Uvalde; or 115 miles west of San Antonio; or 175 miles southwest of Austin; or 305 miles west of Houston; or 320 miles southwest of Dallas. All distances are measured straight-line "as the crow flies".

BACKGROUND: This ranch has been owned by the same family since 1905. For most of that time it has been operated by a family member with emphasis on hunting, ranching and recreation. The grazing rights are now leased to a local rancher with a lease termination date of December 31, 2004. This lease may be terminated in the event the ranch is sold. This ranch was not leased out for hunting during the 2003 hunting season and it will not be leased out for the 2004 hunting season.

METHOD OF SALE: The Owner (Seller) has given Thornton Ranch Sales exclusive authorization to market 9,305 acres out of the 10,305 acre Harwood Ranch. The Seller will convey the property by a General Warranty Deed, provide a standard Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance, and provide a current survey of the property. The 9,305 acres is available in Tracts 1 and 2 as shown on the attached U.S.G.S. Topographic Map. A reduced price is offered if both Tracts are sold as one combined Tract. The Seller will retain ownership of Tract 3 located as shown on the Topo Map.

DESCRIPTION: This fine ranch is located in a transition area where three land masses come together. Specifically, these areas are the Rio Grande Plains (South Texas), the Trans-Pecos (West Texas) and the Edwards Plateau (Hill Country). A diversity of plants, trees and brush from each of these areas grow profusely and provide the kind of habitat highly sought by wildlife biologist and game managers. You will find a happy mixture of Black Brush, Guajillo, Guayacan, Acacia, and Mesquite from South Texas; Tasajillo, Soto and Century Plants from West Texas; Live Oak, Chin Oak, Persimmon, Cedar and Agarita from the Hill Country. Additionally, this ranch possesses many characteristics that appeal to most recreational land buyers. Though located in a sparsely populated area, access is superb via a quiet farm to market road that forms the east boundary line of the property. Brackettville, the county seat, is a ten minute drive from the ranch. Drive time to both Uvalde and Del Rio is about 45 minutes. The ranch is surrounded by large low fenced ranches on all sides with exception of a short stretch of high fence in the southwest corner of Tract 1. There is an abundance of good potable drinking water at a reasonably shallow depth as demonstrated by nine existing water wells, three of which are equipped with electric submersible pumps and six of which are equipped with windmills. The ranch is fenced into 16 pastures including four small traps. Total control of the mineral and water rights will be conveyed to the buyer as hereinafter described. Terrain elevations vary from 1,279 to 1,729 feet above sea level. This elevation variation provides character and a happy mixture of valleys, canyons and high elevation points with views that will take your breath away. The headwaters of Pinto Creek (seasonal) originate on this ranch and traverse it in a north to south direction for a distance of three miles. There is a good internal road system and most of the roads are easily drivable in a two wheel drive vehicle. The tree and brush cover is outstanding. This ranch is an excellent candidate for high fencing. All the above along with a reasonable offering price makes this property a buying opportunity.

WILDLIFE, HUNTING, RECREATION: The wildlife population includes white-tail deer, turkey, quail (bob white and blues), dove, fox, coons, rabbits and miscellaneous varmints. Whether you are a bow hunter, deer hunter, bird hunter, photographer, birdwatcher, outdoorsman, spelunker or a student of nature, the wildlife on this beautiful ranch will keep you challenged and entertained. There are Indian artifacts and relics to be found. There is a cave to be explored. The ranch offers the opportunity for horse riding with miles and miles of pretty trails to be ridden. Also, varied activities such as hiking, exploring, camping, bird-watching, nature walks, or setting on a hillside with your binoculars and searching for wildlife are all available for the taking. Or, if your desire is to simply get away from it all and enjoy Mother Nature at her best, this tranquil ranch would be the perfect place to achieve that objective.

MINERALS: All mineral rights and all water rights and the associated executive leasing rights are believed to be intact. All of said rights and executive leasing rights owned by Seller will be conveyed to the Buyer subject to Seller's reservation of a participating 50% royalty interest in all mineral rights and water rights owned by Seller (i.e. Buyer will own all the executive leasing rights and Buyer and Seller will each receive 50% of all bonuses, delay rentals and royalty paid on any Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases or Water Leases on the Property). The minerals and water rights are not now leased. However, some of the minerals have been leased in the past.

IMPROVEMENTS: Include an old headquarters complex consisting of a 6 room 1 bath frame house, bunk house, garage, barn, sheds, and pens, most of which are in need of repairs. Approximately 35 miles of perimeter and internal cross fences. All the fences are low net-wire fences with exception of a short stretch of high deer proof fence located at the southwest corner of Tract 1. Nine water wells (3 electric and 6 windmill) each with concrete water storage reservoirs and associated water lines and water troughs. Good internal ranch road system. Electric power lines and underground telephone lines serve the headquarters area and other points on the ranch.

TAXES: Based on current agricultural use the total ad valorum taxes for calendar year 2003 were $2,233.20 or only 24 cents per acre. The property shall be conveyed to the buyer with said agricultural use and related tax rate in effect.

POSSESSION: Possession, subject to no leases of any kind except for a Grazing Lease that expires on December 31, 2004, shall be given on the date of closing and funding. Said lease may be terminated in the event the ranch is sold with the Lessee to have 180 days to vacate the lease and remove his livestock from the property.

PRICE (if entire 9,305* acres are sold intact): $3,396,325.00** ($365.00 per acre).

PRICE if sold in two tracts as shown on the attached Topo Map:

1 2,060 $375.00 $772,500.00 2 windmill wells. Includes a 60 foot wide strip of land connecting this Tract 1 with Hwy 674. See ***NOTE.
2 7,245 $385.00 $2,789,325.00 Old hdq complex, 1.8 miles of Hwy frontage, 3 electric wells, 4 windmill wells.

*Approximate Acres

**Price to be adjusted based on the actual number of surveyed acres that will be conveyed by a General Warranty Deed and covered by an Owner's Policy of Title Insurance multiplied by the price per acre agreed upon by Seller and Buyer. Said price includes construction of a new fence on the unfenced portion of the boundary line between Tracts 2 and 3 with Seller to pay all costs of the fence. Said price shall not include any livestock, equipment or personal property.

*** NOTE: In the event Tracts 1 and 2 are sold separately, a 60 foot wide strip of land connecting Tract 1 with Hwy 674 will be conveyed to the buyer of Tract 1. Said 60 foot wide strip, located as shown on the attached Topo Map, will be conveyed subject to a road easement for the use and benefit of the Tract 2 Buyer.

The two tracts may be sold at random on a first come first served basis.

TERMS: (Two Options):

  • All cash at closing.
  • Any other terms acceptable to Owner (Seller).

BROKER COMMENTS AND MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION: This scenic and ruggedly beautiful ranch is most attractively priced. It has the basic characteristics needed for conversion to a fine recreational ranch: Good location, public road access, no easements through the property to serve other people, surrounded by large ranches, outstanding tree/brush cover, native wildlife, excellent underground water at a shallow depth, electricity and underground telephone service. Additionally, total control of the mineral and water rights will convey to the Buyer. Also, this ranch is an excellent candidate for high fencing if you so desire. To my knowledge no other land in Kinney County is available at a price below the price at which this ranch is offered.

SHOWING COORDINATION: This ranch is available for inspection seven days a week by prior appointment only. CALL: Frank J. Carter (956) 740-4849 at any time for showing coordination, service and support. Or you may contact me via E-Mail at: frankcarter220@yahoo.com

NOTE: This offering is made subject to prior sale, change of price, or withdrawal from the market at any time. The information contained herein is from sources deemed reliable but is not warranted or guaranteed by THORNTON RANCH SALES.

For more information on this property see our Invitation to Buyers.